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1 Art of Burning Man
Burning Man is an art festival held the in the Black Rock Desert the week before Labor Day.
2 Kate Raudenbush
The end of consumptive collapse and the beginning of evolved consciousness.
3 LA Burning Man
This is the official Los Angeles Burning Man regional website.
4 Dr. MegaVolt
Man Meets Lighting. A performance piece where a man in a metal suit interacts with 15 foot long bolts of lightning.
5 Inspiratum
Inspiratum is the home of inspiration to build, create, or play. Come play with the Crossbow Glowstick Shooters, climb the 46 foot signal tower, relax in the hammock beneath the palm trees or check out the numerous human and otherwise powered machines that live in the outer courtyard.
6 Lenny Jones
Burning Man 2008 pictures and video.
7 The Nowhere Omnibus
Simultaneously an interactive art experience and an actual service. It will circumnavigates the playa every day.
8 Giant Burning Man Panoramas
Giant Burning Man Panoramas and Photo essays from 1998 to the present.
9 Camp Montage
Art documenting Art. Montage art from the digital images of talented Burning Man photographers.
10 Peter Hudson Design
Peter Hudson is a San Francisco visual artist. He created and installed Tantalus a life-size stroboscopic zoetrope at Burning Man 2008. Tantalus presents a revolving Uncle Sam hat. A man's arm reaches for an apple. The apple goes up and down, but it is always just out of reach.
11 Boyer Sculpture
Wind-driven kinetic sculpture.
12 Burning Man Revealed
The real story behind the event known as Burning Man.
13 Burninator Grid
A fire art installation consisting of a closely packed grid of large flame towers.
14 Ashram Galactica
The Grand Hotel at Ashram Galactica sets the Gold standard for hotel and conference facilities in the Black Rock City Metropolitan Area.
15 Silicon Village
Silicon Village including sub theme-camps from the San Francisco South Bay. Hexayurt friendly.
16 Heron Project
A large modular sculpture, part pre-historic bird and part oil derrick. At night its wings move with fire, illuminating the skeletal structure.
17 Rock Opera
The Rock Opera takes place on and around a Mayan Step Pyramid that burns on Friday. This live exotic electronica event, with spectacular pyrotechnics & flame effects, features over 150 fire performers, belly dancers, circus performers, stilt walkers, drummers, and dancers.
A low-power, Part-15, FM broadcast station that operated exclusively at Black Rock City.
19 Poly Paradise
Polyamory involves openness to multiple loving relationships, with honesty among all partners.
20 Swarm 2.1
Robotic spheres directed by a mothership, actuated by motors, and guided by GPS.
21 Burning Cam
Burning Man photography from 1998 to 2009 by NK Guy
22 Radio-Electra
Community based radio broadcasting music from all parts of the globe and all genres at the Burning Man Festival since 2000.
23 Jes5199
Burning Map. Interactive Map of 2009 Black Rock City Theme Camps.
24 Chaotic Harmony
A 4-sided assemblage sculpture, a tribute to evolution, starting with oceanic life at the bottom, moving upwards to land-based life, and finally to creatures of the sky at the top.
25 Snow Koan Solar
Large soloar arrays.
26 Black Rock Desert
Fostering stewardship for the Black Rock Desert.
27 Hand of Man
An enormous hydraulically-actuated human hand and forearm, capable of movement in all the same axes as a human hand and forearm, and fabricated from steel and stainless steel.
28 Evolllution
Joy, Hope, Peace & Love & Happiness, Meow, the Lively Loving Lot & Katzenjammer
29 Menconi BMan Directory
BMan Directory: Drink Recipes; Shelter; Posters; Material Sources and Prices; Sticks of Destiny; Pictures.
30 Comfort & Joy
Restore your body and lift your spirits at Comfort & Joy. Daily events including yoga classes and outrageous performances every night.
31 Garden of Hedon
Our philosophy is to meet as many people as we can and share maximum experiences.
32 Green Gorilla Lounge
San Francisco Underground House Music. Serving up tasty beats and refreshing treats on the playa since 2003. Our distinctive dance, lounge & chill domes are the place to be.
33 Camp Celestial Bodies
Interactive shaded lounge, host of the World Naked Bike Ride.
34 Root Society
Root Society. A big sound camp with the biggest domes.
35 ePlaya
Burning Man community discussion board.
36 Burning Blog
Goings-on and opportunities to contribute your stories.
37 Burning Sky
Burning Sky is a theme camp of skydivers who have been participating at Burning Man since 1999 by parachuting into and creating aerial performances over the Playa.
38 The Mind Shaft Society
The Mind Shaft Society is a collaboration of artistic scientists.
39 Opulent Temple
Welcome to Opulent Temple, a leading not-for-profit electronic music stage production emerging from Burning Man and based in San Francisco.
40 Hushville
a Burning Man village with no generators or amplified sound.
41 Gigsville
Gigsville found its humble beginnings in 1998 at Burning Man as The Whirligig Village. From then, and to this day, Gigsville has been nothing more than a community of friends and like-minded individuals.
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