Digital Consciousness Internet Directory
As of Sunday February 25, 2018 there are 14 sites in the Search category of the Internet Directory.
1DC Search Center
Search the databases in the Digital Consciousness domains including the artist, gallery, directory, awards, guestbook, forum
2Art Net
Research fine art online. Largest gallery network of its kind, with over 1,300 galleries.
International gallery guide for modern, contemporary and emerging art.
4Find Artinfo
Art appraisal and art prices - search free. Value your art. Auction results.
5Art Quotes
Artist quotes. Inspirational.
6Art in Context
Carnegie Mellon online reference library for the publication and dissemination of information about artists and where to find their work.
7Kinetic Steam Works
Steam powered kinetic art. Industrial artists curious about what came before the advent of petroleum power, electronics, and the automobile culture.
8Commission a Portrait
Representing the best in portraiture.
9Art Future
The future of art where art, design, technology and science merge.
10Art Listings
Art search. Museum news.
11Art Auctions Prices
Database of art auction prices from thousands of art auction houses.
12Art Price
Art market information.
13Top of Art
Great Masters reproduction.
Directory of Paintings.
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Fragment 1:

<a href=><img src="" width=88 height=31 alt="Digital Consciousness logo by Sabina Nore"></a>

It will look like this: Digital Consciousness logo by Sabina Nore
Fragment 2:

<a href=><img src="" width=139 height=56 alt="Digital Consciousness logo by Michael Millevolte"></a>

It will look like this: Digital Consciousness logo by Michael Millevolte
Fragment 3:

<form action=> <table width=230 border=1 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=ddffdd cellpadding=4> <tr><td><a href=>Digital Consciousness</a> Search <input type=text name=search size=30><font face=arial size=-2> Input an artist, artistic style, subject or media. </td></tr></table></form>

It will function as a search engine for art content and will look like this:
Digital Consciousness Search Input an artist, artistic style, subject or media.
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