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Name:Cathi moon
Date:Tuesday June 23, 2015 2:44:15 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Clowns painted by Michele
Message:Roger wrote:
> Arnie Press wrote:
> > Dear all who have been asking about Clown "Paintings By Michele",
> >
> > For starters Michele is my mother (I am 53 years old - you do the
> > math!), so therefore she is not a man. All the originals are still
> > family held, and none have ever been sold. Reproductions are
> > primarily from the mid to late 60's and very early 70's. My mother
> is
> > alive and well and living in Illinois. There are a VERY limited
> number
> > of reproductions still available. Should anyone want information or
> > original reproductions that are signed by the REAL artist, let me
> > know. I will also tell you, the number of reproductions that have
> > been sold and signed, would have been 20+ years ago, and you could
> > count them on your fingers. Regarding pencil markings on the back,
> > these would have been added by a reseller. Hopefully this will help
> > clear things up a bit.
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Arnie
> >
> > PS. If anybody has an oil painting, I can assure you it is a
> > knock-off.
> Will you please email me some examples of your mothers work? I can
> remember growing up, three pictures of clowns that were in my bedroom.
> I do distinctly remember them all, One clown appeared with a bright
> yellow and orange background, and he is laughing. Another had on a
> green suit and a green derby hat, He is frowning. The third had orange
> hair and is laughing, he is wearing a white, polka dot suit with the
> frilled thing at the neck. All of the pictures were from the shoulder
> up. These pictures scared the hell out of me as a kid, but I want to
> find them now to truly appreciate the art. If you recognize these
> descriptions, Please!, Please!, Please!, get back to me!
I found 2 of them. What to do w then idk yet. Clown w green hat orange hair white ruffles around neck. 2nd is bow tie big red nose dark hair hat has many points yellowish background. Email me plz. Thx

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