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Name:Connie Barillas
Date:Friday August 21, 2015 2:08:09 pm MDT
Subject:Re: Clark Gable-Banse 1976
Message:baldeagle wrote:
> Jean B. wrote:
> > I have a picture consisting of 6 different sketches of Clark Gable
> by
> > Bans-1976. If anyone knows about this particular picture, as to any
> > value, or is interested, please contact me at
> gregory brewer said it is a hollywood print 1976 glen banse.mine is
> framed and was sold by the picture peddler in hollywood ca.mine is
> printed on a 18 by 24 inch sheet then framed and sold as copy no.4009
> by the picture peddler in hollywood ca.i think it is cool having 6
> different sketches of clark gable on not know value.your the
> first one i have run across thats got one other than myself.i bet it
> is worth pretty good though.

I recently bought the same print. It looks so much like it actual pencil. Mine is number 3527 by Able Art, Bensenville IL. Did you ever get more information about their value? You may contact me at Thanks.

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