Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 31. May 2002
Duje Antonini.
Duje Antonini, born in 1976 in Makarska, Croatia is the May 2002 Artist of the Month. Duje received training as an electronics engineer and has worked as a graphic designer in a variety of media including screen prints, posters and newspaper advertising.

Duje works with digital and experimental art such as mechanical and machine created patterns, commercial 3d clips and a big multicolor LED displays. He founded the award winning "barcodenebel" web page in 2000.

New Artists.
The following artists have registered. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artists name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Ruthellen Kellogg. Mystical Batik.
  2. Richard von Wennerveld. Bodypainting and Erotic Art.
  3. John-Marc Grob. Photography landscapes and nature.
  4. Philip Patric Cantola. Art shape framed creations.
  5. Nancy Robinson. Expressionistic photography from Italy.
  6. Calum Cameron. Photorealistic light and color from Mexico.
  7. HaNaYa Yoshibumi. Nature drawing from Japan.
  8. Contino Salvatore. Surrealistic watercolors from Rome.
  9. Garth Allan. Watercolors of waterways from the U.K.
  10. Sacha Samim Ali-Syed. Drawings and comics from England.
  11. Michael Onona. Realistic oil portraits from the U.K.
  12. Detlev Birkholz. Computer art from Germany.
  13. Gerald Campbell. Spiritual portraits.
  14. Jantha Silverhame. Surrealistic landscapes.
  15. Cecilia Flaten. Impressionistic nature from Chile.
  16. Walter Arno. Abstract sculpture from Germany.
  17. Dave Simpson. Realistic charcoal.
  18. Garry Andrews. Social Documentary from Australia.
  19. Gerard Bookle. Light and color from Hong Kong.
  20. Mariano Ortega. Expressionistic drawing from Spain.
  21. Michele Vincent. Fantasy oils.
  22. L Benden. Impressionistic landscapes and nature.
  23. Timothy Miller. Geometric shapes.
  24. Matthew Gunn. Realistic photography.
  25. Robert Martin. Surrealistic landscapes and nature.
  26. Alfonso Palma. Impressionistic landscapes.
  27. Jennie Thwing. Surrealistic portraits.
  28. Nestor Rivera Jr. Realistic computer landscapes.
  29. Jesus Macarena-Avila. Abstract cityscapes.
  30. Darrell Black. Abstract fantasy art.
  31. Cervone Luigi. Figurative interiors.
  32. Liliane Bohbot. Surrealistic people.
  33. Craig Crystal. Glasswork.
  34. Nora Begoña. Fantasy themes.
  35. Shafique Farooqi. Spiritual portraits.
  36. Donna Corless. Tropical flora.
  37. Krzysztof Bojarczuk. Abstract light and color.
  38. Doyle Rolle. Symbolic drawings.
  39. Georgi Demirev. Realist still life.
  40. Sandra Robertson. Fantasy mosaic.
  41. Ashraf Gohar Goreja. Neo-figuralism.
  42. Robert Schneider. Realistic landscapes and nature.
  43. Lee Cahill. Art Nouveau.
  44. Juan J. Rengel. Fantasy digital art from the U.K.
  45. Thomas Weisenberger. Mixed media from Germany.
  46. Mariestella Colón Astacio. Abstracted female figures.
  47. Mohammed Sherif. Impressionistic geometric shapes from Egypt.
  48. Eric Coates. Expresionistic digital art.
  49. Barrie Jones. Surrealistic sci-fi oils from the U.K.
  50. Hans van Ooyen. Realistic photography from Germany.
  51. Craig Withers. Mezzotint from Scotland.
  52. Arlindo Arez. Abstract sculpture from Portugal.
  53. Teresa Lunt. Digital fantasy and stilllife.
  54. Chris Witkowski. Realistic nature oils.
  55. Pauline Jacobson. Realistic fauna.
  56. Sarah Doyle. Figures from popular culture.
  57. Mowendi Art. Spiritual geometric shapes.
  58. Robert McAdam. Landscapes from Scotland.
  59. Mauricio Villamil. Abstracts from Colombia.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may publish an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to upload a new image or to update their page or database entry. Gallery services are available for a $30 a year. Artists may sell artwork from their Digital Conscioiusness galleries free of commission and receive payment from collectors through PayPal

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent galleries. The Gallery Service fee is waived for winners for one year. To nominate an artist use the form at
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