Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 32. June 2002
Gallery Improvements.
The improved galleries are easier to view and to construct. Viewers may now navigate directly to any of the work of an artist in any Digital Consciousness gallery. When constructing a gallery, one may now upload information about each image such as the date, place and method of creation of the original, its past and present location, dimensions, or price. Additionally, thumbnails have been added to the gallery index.

Joe Host.
Joe Host is the June 2002 Artist of the Month. Self taught for the most part, Joe enjoys doing pencil pieces, watercolor, acrylics and chalk and charcoal abstracts. His style varies; most common is a realistic impressionism.

Joe emulates artists or just makes it up as he goes depending on what catches his eye, or his attention. Just a line - maybe a shape can sometimes expresses what sees. Many of his works are landscapes or people - mostly faces or torsos.

Robert W. Firestone.
‘The Adventure of Images’ by R.W. Firestone kicks off with an opening reception on June 15, and continuing for 30 days at the Museum of Sacred Art at S. Apollonia. It presents several cycles of works he completed in the last three years. The exhibition is curated by Enzo di Martino. The museum is located just a few steps from San Marco Square in Venice, Italy.

New Artists.
The following artists have registered. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Fabio Sassi. Homemade rubber stamps.
  2. Mike Ambler. Pixelism from the U.K.
  3. Guido Modiano. Abstracts from Italy.
  4. James H. Hart. Photography from Canada.
  5. John Parker. Indians animals and wildlife.
  6. Anthony Coffey. Pop art.
  7. Michael Sturdy. Realistic cityscapes.
  8. Brian Exton. Fractals from the U.K.
  9. John Clive. Abstracts and visual effect designs.
  10. Clay Babcock. Realistic Still Lifes and Sculpture.
  11. Rebecca Needs. Portraits and characters.
  12. Harry O'Connor. Abstract and fantasy landscapes.
  13. Wade Edmunds. Expressionistic computer art.
  14. Ana Lonchar. Abstract geometric shapes from Croatia.
  15. Jennifer Stone. Visionary light and color.
  16. Holly Cornwell. Subliminal seductions.
  17. Charles Carson. Birds from Canada.
  18. Cynthia Mosser. Abstract biomorphic shapes.
  19. Dorota Maliszewska. Architecture from Spain.
  20. John Pangia. Realistic digital art.
  21. Katherine Bell. Stained glass.
  22. Chris Swenson. Surrealistic digital art.
  23. Clifford Powell. Visionary computer art.
  24. Thomas Ricci. Abstract photography. Fractals.
  25. Alex Freitas. Digital art from Brazil.
  26. Gregory Schick. Fantasy digital art from Israel.
  27. Miháy Bodó. Expressionistic oils from Spain.
  28. Mohamed Osman. Deep conceptual, meaningful, art medicine.
  29. Osvaldo Contenti. Computer Artist from Rome.
  30. James Bajor. Jazz pianist.
  31. Irving Pector. Cartoons.
  32. Valeri Rose. Political realism.
  33. Patricia Casanova. Oils from Argentina.
  34. Ramesh K. Abstract landscapes from India.
  35. Lou Patrou. Watercolor and pencil drawings.
  36. Christian Mazzuca. Expressionistic characters.
  37. Rian Krull. Digital geometric shapes.
  38. Albert Wilking. Picasso on holiday with a dash of Miro.
  39. Ian Ongsansoy. Mythical creatures.
  40. Pierlugi Ferrari. Oil figures from Italy.
  41. Francisco José Cerdá Ortiz. Visionary landscapes.
  42. Wela Wela. Abstract interiors.
  43. Phil Artez. Photography from Belgium.
  44. Stefano Maria Baratti. Emotional landscapes.
  45. Janna Stern. Conceptual collage.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may publish an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to upload a new image or to update their page or database entry. The Edit link opens a user friendly control panel for artists with gallery service. Gallery service includes hosting of up to twenty text and multi-image galleries, a dynamic gallery index page and the control panel. Collectors may purchase and artists may sell artwork from their galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent galleries. The Gallery Service fee is waived for winners for one year. To nominate an artist use the form at
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