Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 39. January 2003
Happy New Year
Best wishes for 2003 to everyone.

The Search Center
We have updated the DC Search programs. Reach them at or from the Search link on the universal menu.

Here is how they work: The DC Internet Publishing Robot stores the virtually continuous public input into DC in a structured database. The data includes new and updated biographical information on the Artist Pages, the provenance of paintings in the galleries, nominations for the Digital Color Award, messages in the bulletin board, notes in the guestbook and product descriptions in the store. The Search Center then offers the user a choice of database searches, each operating on a different part of the database. The database searches are efficient. They are case insensitive and will find material containing the sought-after word or name even if one only inputs a portion of it. The results are returned five items at a time.

If you are searching for information about an artist, consider posting what information you have on the bulletin board. Similarly, an owner of a work of art who is seeking more information about its creator may register the artist with DC (if the artist is not already registered) and upload a photograph of the artwork. This way, the next person who searches for the artist may find these contributions and make contact.

Miguel Cerejido
Miguel Cerejido is the January 2003 Artist of the Month.
Miguel was born in Cuba in 1960. He graduated from the academy of Plastic Arts "San Alejandro" in 1980, and the Superior Institute of Art (I.S.A.) in 1985.

He has worked as a professor at the Superior Institute of Industrial Design, among other art schools in Cuba. He also worked as a specialist at the Centro de Diseño Ambiental (Interior Design) in Havana. He has been an active member of the National Union of writers and artists of Cuba (UNEAC) since 1995.

His explorations in painting have always been dealing with the possible nexuses between music and painting. This theme is present in all his artistic endeavours.

Elissa Dorfman
Cannes Gallery is exhibiting work of Elissa Dorfman Additionally, three watercolors of hers sold at the "Celebrity Art Auction 2002" Dublin, Ireland, Supported by The Elton John Aids Foundation.

Screen Savers
Dieter Kriesell has offered to produce screensavers for artists joining DC. The screensavers are simple and straightforward. They show pictures on various positions of the screen with some transition effects. He offers this for free, if he gets the pictures in a digital format of not more than 1Mb but reserves the right to finish the service at any time. He may be contacted through the Kontakt link at

New Artists.
The following artists have registered this month. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Vladimir Tsochev. Abstract landscapes and nature.
  2. Joshua Thomas. Aboriginal artist from Australia.
  3. Mino. Realistic light and color.
  4. Vincenzo Balsamo. Important Italian abstract artist.
  5. Sergey Baranov. Coats of Arms.
  6. Elena Ray. The mythological eye.
  7. Kenneth R. Murray. Post-modernist oils.
  8. Guy Deregnaucourt. Photographs of people.
  9. Chris Hoffman. Lord of the Rings artwork.
  10. Atomic Elroy. Avant Garde in Colorado.
  11. Bob Walls. Visionary portraits.
  12. Wendy Soria. Visionary poetry.
  13. William Hunt. Rocketman.
  14. Tony Maietta. Bold happy colors for children.
  15. Hubert Lopez Heredia. Oil abstracts from France.
  16. Alejandro López Correa. Expressionistic, nostalgic.
  17. Renee Lichtman. Ballpoint pen drawing.
  18. Michele Amadesi. Sci-fi watercolors.
  19. Glen McDonall. Cartoon spots.
  20. Billi Thanner. Acrylic abstracts from Germany.
  21. Raphael Perez. Realistic oils from Israel.
  22. Lou Majors. Stream of consciousness imagery.
  23. Doug MacBean. Realistic oils from Canada.
  24. Kenzoo Simone Baldassari. Abstract sculpture from Italy.
  25. Shakun Harris. Spiritual landscapes from the UK.
  26. Angelo Giglio. Impressionistic landscapes from Italy.
  27. S Mehdi Mirazimi. Symbolic drawing from Iran.
  28. Ken Schweizer. Paintings, Photography and sculpture.
  29. Barry Launius. Tropical themed watercolor painting.
  30. Jacqueline Amos. African design.
  31. Elena Roche. Flowers, Portraits, Still Life, architecturals.
  32. James Xavier Barbour. Contemporary realist narrative.
  33. Mike MacDonald. Butterflies.
  34. Funism Art. Breaking the rules.
  35. Negar Assari-Samimi. Spiritual, conceptual Arts
  36. Misti Lake. An amalgam of pop art.
  37. Agnes Preszler. Realistic portraits from Italy.
  38. Dino Turull. Comic social interactions.
  39. Boyan Yurukov. Abstract photography.
  40. Jan Jennings. Paintings, pastels and charcoal portraits.
  41. Oorna Bhattacharya. Expressionistic portraits from India.
  42. Jan Steinman. Landscape photography.
  43. Mushtaq Noor. Surrealism from Pakistan.
  44. Pascal Jean Delorme. Paintings of board sports.
  45. Tina Coggins. Fractals!
  46. Jim Koury. Pencil and ink drawings.
  47. Ben Reche. Geometric shapes.
Art-Domain.Com Gallery
Art-Domain.Com Gallery will open its doors on the Mediterranean island of Majorca for the first time on January 11th, 2003 with its opening exhibition. Artists may still apply for an exhibition.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may publish an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to upload a new image or to update their page or database entry. The Edit link opens a user friendly control panel for artists with gallery service. Gallery service includes hosting of up to twenty text and multi-image galleries, a dynamic gallery index page and the control panel. Collectors may purchase and artists may sell artwork from their galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent galleries. The Gallery Service fee is waived for winners for one year. To nominate an artist use the form at
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