Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 40. February 2003
Digital Consciousness Updates
Digital Consciousness now has nine front page artists, all of them past Digital Color Artists of the Month. Their works now appear on the home page of Digital Consciousness.

The image changes each time our home page is refreshed. It is chosen at random from among selected artists who have DC galleries that meet high artistic standards. This process results in exhibition of the artwork of Chen Chi, Elissa Dorfman, Peter H. Eoyang, Teresa Muńoz, Kurt Van Wagner, Joseph Di Sipio, R. W. Firestone, Marijan Gal and Moustafa Al-Hatter.

The email links from the Artist Pages and the galleries now provide the sender a choice of sending email to DC or to the relevent artist. The artist's email address is not disclosed to the sender.

The Artist Pages and the database entry displays have been reformatted so that the name of the artist is the first text to appear, followed shortly by biographical information. This causes search engines to cleanly describe Artist Pages and database displays with the artist's name and information.

Laurence de Sainte-Maréville
Laurence de Sainte-Maréville is the February 2003 Artist of the Month.
Laurence de Sainte Maréville's art is a whole world in itself. Her drawings both remind us of our inner nature and give us new landscapes to explore. Each of her works speaks directly, but each time you return to it, you discover something new.

Laurence writes of her art: "Rather than recreating what I see, I prefer to interpret what I perceive. It is necessary to be at least two in one to make an artistic creation. One who builds and one who sees. Through life difficulties, the flow of my brushes foams on the fine stone of your glances. The box of faces slipping into my pocket, I push life at my measure, and untie simply its cord with a voice... "

L.dSM works are well distributed in both internet and paper media including the French magazine, "L'instant du monde," an exhibition in Sete (south of France) during the festival "Childhood and diving", on the banner for an American scientific site, the La Page Blanche's logo, the Pages Libres, an important French-speaking web-based magazine about literature, the Francopolis' logo, a diet food shop's logo and shop sign -- "Label Forme" situated in the French southern city of Nimes and Librairie and galerie Racine a bookstore situated in Quartier Latin the cultural heart of Paris.

New Artists
The following artists have registered this month. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Atman Victor. Visionary still life.
  2. Thierry Jonnaert. Wild horses.
  3. Pablo Perez. Neo-pop culture images.
  4. Konstantin Pavlishin. People, portraits and characters.
  5. MeDad. Neo-Realism still life.
  6. Gilbert Abric. Realistic watercolor interiors from France.
  7. Rene Rodriguez. Assemblage from found objects.
  8. Neville Swales. Mechanical and Automotive Art.
  9. Teresa Sherwin. Abstract people and wildlife.
  10. John Gonzales. Realistic portraits verging on surreal.
  11. Rumen Stoilov. Expressionistic works from Bulgaria.
  12. Kim Castor. Landscapes and nature.
  13. Don Donovan. Combination of hand drawn and computer works.
  14. Rollz. People portraits and characters in oil.
  15. Kate O'Brien. Wearable art.
  16. Peter Von Cotu. Light and color.
  17. Petra de Nijs. Photography of flowers.
  18. David 23. Pop art.
  19. Judy Marshall. Flora and fauna of an internal alien landscape.
  20. Nando Rivero. Expressionistic portraits.
  21. James verDoorn. Digital art.
  22. Antoine de Villiers. Naturescapes.
  23. Nicole Fekaris. Realistic drawing.
  24. Mohammad Ali Parvini. Images from Shiraz, Iran.
  25. Öp-Be. A fusion of landscapes and characters.
  26. GenomART Team. DNA still life.
  27. Gocha Medzmariashvili. Pen on fabric.
  28. Joyce Blair. Geometric shapes.
  29. Sylvia Ortiz-Domney. Contemporary folk art.
  30. Ashley P Jennings. Landscape watercolors.
  31. Alexandru Gheorghiu. Expressionistic cityscapes.
  32. Jim Countryman. Animal sculpture.
  33. Troy McQuinn. Computer art of machines.
  34. Rich Burnip. Visionary light and color from England.
News from the Artists
Congratulations to DC Artists Mehdi Mirazimi and Negar Assari-Samimi on the occasion of their wedding in the snow in Shiraz Iran. Elissa Dorfman's exhibition 'Signs' is now the most widely viewed one at IOnOne Keith Wigdor has opened SURREALISM 2003 to several new artists.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may publish an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to upload a new image or to update their Artist Page. The Edit link opens a user friendly control panel for artists with gallery service. Gallery service includes hosting of up to twenty text and multi-image galleries, a dynamic gallery index page and the control panel. Collectors may purchase and artists may sell artwork from their galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year. To nominate an artist use the form at
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