Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 41. March 2003
Gilbert Abric
Gilbert Abric is the March 2003 Artist of the Month. Gilbert (b. 1949) is a self-taught french watercolorist. He paints in realistic style depicting the effects of light in interior settings. Looking at his watercolors creates a vibration. He has received numerous awards including: "Silver Medal" at the French "Académie des Arts Sciences & Lettres"; Watercolours Award at French exhibition "Art & Lumières"; and "Prix des Présidents" at "Salon d'Hiver" in Lyon (France).

New Artists
The following artists have registered this month. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Ojars Lasmanis. Impressionistic landscapes.
  2. Benjamin Dunstan. Charcoal pastels.
  3. Véro Rigole. Contemporary paintings and installations.
  4. Zareh Meguerditchian. Abstract oils.
  5. Gerda Maria Blender. Sensual abstract and cubist oil paintings.
  6. Gerald Trudel. Animals and wildlife.
  7. Gregory Wohlwend. Visionary works of light and color.
  8. Nicole Emma. Modern watercolors.
  9. Alan Waters. Abstract sculpture from the U.K.
  10. Shammi Nanda. Filmmaker from India.
  11. Peter Lewis. Paper collage from New Zealand.
  12. Ximo Bruno Ramírez. Abstraacts from Spain.
  13. Robert & Therese Hoke & Nolan. Deco glass lamps.
  14. Karl-Ludwig Leiter. Elaborate surrealism.
  15. Cedric Garcia. Realistic pencil art.
  16. Carlos DePiedra. Pyramids, people, tribal mythology.
  17. Alberto Rios Jr. Biblical scenes.
  18. Diana Nichols. Symbolic lights and colors.
  19. Daniel Bonato. Products of a chaos factory.
  20. Richard Ozanne. Classic landscapes and nature.
  21. David Works. Feedback loops from a digital plate.
  22. C T. Haptic Diaries -- the act of drawing.
  23. Tatiana Barbanov. Expressionistic landscapes from Israel.
  24. Tori Siegel. Pop Art with a Splash of Cubism.
  25. Bill Wilburn. Heavily influenced by Salvador Dali.
  26. Tatsuya Sato. Travel black and white photography.
  27. Carolyn Schiffhouer. Fractals.
  28. Kevin Wilson. Photography of dreams.
  29. Brut. Geometric shapes.
  30. Jeroen Quirijns. Modernism. Cityscapes.
  31. Dj Ardent. Art from Bosnia.
  32. Jeffrey Harris. Character drawing.
  33. Livio Baldissera. Painting and Sculpture from Italy.
  34. Dmitry Rakov. imp-art. Geometric shapes from Moscow.
  35. Mark Hopper. Realisitc oil portraits from Cornwall England.
  36. William Gordon. Airbrush artist.
  37. Robiin Fay. Spirals.
  38. Kris Killman. Representational watercolor landscapes.
  39. David Peer. Mirror art.
  40. Manfred Von Steiner. Realistic landscapes from Australia.
  41. John Baselmans. Graphic design from the Netherlands Antilles.
  42. Dieter Picchio-Specht. Fractals from Switzerland.
News from the Artists
Kelly Moore is part of a group show at the Eclekticos Art Gallery--Washington DC thru March 12th. Juergen Schreiter has new work, pictures and a quick-time movie on

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may publish an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to upload a new image or to update their Artist Page. The edit link opens a user friendly control panel for artists with Gallery Service. Gallery Service includes hosting of up to twenty text and multi-image galleries, a dynamic gallery index page and the control panel. Collectors may purchase and artists may sell artwork from their galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year. To nominate an artist use the form at
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