Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 47. September 2003
Peter Eoyang
Peter Hsun Eoyang (80) passed away August 11, 2003. Peter was the first Artist to exhibit on Digital Consciousness.

In 1972 Peter began to paint watercolors. He mastered a wet in wet technique on French paper and then began to use rice paper and other techniques. He painted landscapes and then flowers. He sometimes used his artistic name Yin Ye. His work has a lightness and a lasting greatness inspired by the natural beauty of Colorado, Oregon and California and by his love of life.

He exhibited widely at: Foothills Art Center, Golden Gallery, Gallery E, De Coloras Gallery, the Denver International House, the Colorado State Fair, the Rocky Mountain National show, the Gilpin County Annual Exhibition, the Northern Colorado Invitational, all in Colorado, at the San Diego Watercolor Society's National Exhibition and at numerous sidewalk shows. His work was well received. He won many awards and had many collectors.

He came to the United States from China in 1937 with his mother, his brother and his two sisters. He worked as a draftsman and then as a civil engineer until he was 60. He is predeceased by his wife and survived by his son.

Erol Erkmen
Erol Erkmen is the September 2003 Artist of the month. Erol was born in 1951, resides in Istanbul and is an engineer. His artistic photography began in the 1970's. He discontinued his artwork for 10 years and restarted after 1993.

His work arises on 1:1 sized films by using analog dark room techniques. After taking a photogrpah he sketches which effects he will use and which colors that he is going to emphasize. He then creates half-tone color separation films in the darkroom and separates the colors according to his own system. He makes various maskings with the screen films and retouches them with cyanide and special dyes. Some works take months to complete.

His astigmatic eye has an effect on this work. This can been seen, for example, in the swivels of the dervishes in his dervish series.

New Artists
The following artists have registered this month. To view the work of any artist go to and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Amanda Dawn Sanchez. Fantasy drawings.
  2. Ana Neves. Symbolic acrylics from Portugal.
  3. Niculaie Istok. Fantasy landscapes from Transylvania.
  4. Devi DeLavie. A Renaissance Heart: painter, sculptor, singer,
  5. Ramaz Razmadze. Surrealism influenced by Makhare Janelidze (1943-1992).
  6. Bobby Kro. Wildlife created in pointillism.
  7. Mark Mizgala. Abstract figures and landscapes.
  8. Pieterjan Ginckels. Installation art.
  9. Pat Hedger. Realistic landscapes and nature.
  10. John Well-Off-Man. Native American Art with influences of Pop Art.
  11. Christine Latimer. Structural film and video.
  12. Israel Yang. Landscapes and nature from Canada.
  13. Brad Taylor. Photoshop abstracts.
  14. Jorge Rios. Interdisciplinary performance art.
  15. Isabel Alonso. Realistic oils.
  16. Connie McClure. Realistic animals and wildlife.
  17. Castor Christopher. Black Ink and Pencil fantasy.
  18. Eduard Söllner. Mystical computer art.
  19. Bob Bauer. Our world oil abstracts.
  20. Tom Wagner. Expressionistic figures and landscapes.
  21. Jan de Weryha-Wysoczanski. Abstract sculpture.
  22. Hans Parlevliet. Realistic landscapes and nature.
  23. Nishima Kaplan. Spiritual abstracts.
  24. Hubert Wackermann. Native Americans in natural surroundings.
  25. Tyrone Lewis. Impressionistic landscapes.
  26. Daniel Newcomb. Cityscape photography.
  27. Karen Challender. Realistic landscapes and nature in oils.
  28. Bryce Brown. Expressionistic figures from New Zealand.
  29. Daniel Simmons. Sculpture from New York.
  30. Cornelius Carter. Realistic oils.
  31. Blue Mitchell. Visionary photography.
  32. Damon Willard. Fusion of cubism and urban elements.
  33. Gretell Perez. Art from Cuba.
  34. Francesca Nobile. Mixed Media abstracts from Scotland.
  35. Barbara Tillison. Nature from a colored pencil.
  36. Marco Giollo. Performance art from Switzerland.
  37. Peter Gates. Realistic English landscapes.
  38. Alexey Isaev. Engraving & inlay by enamels & gemstones.
  39. Suzanne Urash. Realistic cityscapes.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
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