Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 57. July 2004
Cai Qi Yuan Cai Qi Yuan is the July 2004 Digital Color Artist of the Month. His painting studio is located in Shaoxing, a well-known city in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. He paints portraits on commission.

New or edited Galleries
Gilbert Abric, Joe Host, Prakash Deshmukh, Tom Brown, Tory Baggiano, Laura Baird, Adelle Jean, Daniel Cuesta and Holly Cornwell have new work in their galleries.

Renowned Artists
Mary Cassatt (1844-1926) and Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828) have been added to the Renowned Artists Galleries. The renowned artists are also organized by century.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of any contemporary artist go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/database.phtml and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/limit.phtml
  1. Jarvis Grant. Landscape and nature photography.
  2. Janice Bailey. Photography of carousel horse heads.
  3. Richard Lazzara. Light and color acrylics.
  4. Adam S J Costello. Digital photography.
  5. Tacha de Karma. Groups of figures from the U.K.
  6. Carmelo Pugliatti. Visionary oil cityscapes.
  7. Renata Sajko. Realistic landscape oils from Australia.
  8. Daniel Cuesta. Digital compositions.
  9. Sophia Stucki. Beach folk art.
  10. Eliseo Nicolás Alonso, Lise. Carving from Spain.
  11. Michael Stephen Fenton. Representational narrative painter.
  12. Sharon France. Tonalism and luminism in landscape painting.
  13. Gannon Graham. Sculptured furniture.
  14. Dominique Kennel. Abstract light and color from France.
  15. Michaela Mrafkova Martinez. Visionary lights and colors.
  16. Beverley Ashe. Imperfect angels from Santa Fe.
  17. popo G5. Graphic art from Iran.
  18. Karen Carasik. Papermaking and monotypes.
  19. S. A. Oil pastel on canvas paper.
  20. Gonzalo Isla van den Brule. Abstract light and color from Brazil.
  21. Phornthep Khongsathian. Symbolic art from Thailand.
  22. Michael Lowe. Portraits sketched then burned onto wood.
  23. Ricardo Matos. Drawings from Brazil.
  24. Humberto Benitez. Pastel landscapes.
  25. Jivantoro Mentis. Cubistic cityscapes.
  26. Jayne Parker. Abstract digital art.
  27. Trisha Idoni. Landscape and nature photography.
  28. Bjarni Sigurdsson. Digital art from Denmark.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may create an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their Artist Page or to upgrade to Gallery Service.

Artists with Gallery Service can create and edit on-line portfolios of up to 200 images from a control panel. These galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness. Artists may sell artwork from the galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/digitalcolor accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year.
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