Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 58. August 2004
Anthony J. Petchkis Anthony J. Petchkis is the August 2004 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Anthony is a Boston based landscape artist who has been exhibiting continuously for the past 20 years. His art has focused on the New England and Adirondack Regions.

Although Anthony continues to be inspired by the great American masters of the Hudson River School, his individual vision is unique. His media include oil on canvas and pastel on rag board or paper, which is painted not drawn to create a homogeneous finish, and can be perceived as photographic. Anthony publishes giclee prints in limited editions to seventy-five.

New or edited Galleries
Gilbert Abric, Joseph DiSipio, Tory Baggiano, Renee Nemerov and Deborah Ann Duffy have new work in their galleries.

Renowned Artists
Artists of the American West, George Catlin (1796-1872), Albert Bierstadt (1830-1902), Thomas Moran (1837-1926) and Frederic Remington (1861-1909) have been added to the Renowned Artists Galleries. The renowned artists are also organized by century.

Artist about which information is sought.
One of out subscribers inherited a A. Kraaijeveld painting from her Dutch grandparents and is seeking information about the artist and the painting.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of any contemporary artist go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/database.phtml and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/limit.phtml
  1. Stanimira Stoeva. Watercolors from Bulgaria.
  2. Paola De Giovanni. Photography from the UK.
  3. Jack Bauer. Renditions of the Masters.
  4. Berthelemy Julie. Papier mâché from France.
  5. Jenny Greene. Realistic watercolors.
  6. Yancey Lones. Internet art.
  7. Gocha Medzmariashvili. Known as Mego. Pen on fabric.
  8. Debbie Flood. Realistic horses in watercolor.
  9. Kimberly Santini. Animals and wildlife with bright colors.
  10. Massimo Ridolfi. Cityscapes.
  11. Robert Coane. Provocative political works.
  12. Jana Sesow. Vibrant pop art.
  13. James Mlaker. Photographic manipulations.
  14. David Buanno. Fractal digital art.
  15. Larry Weiss. Realistic light and color.
  16. Tapan Kar. Watercolors from India.
  17. Jim Lawn. Expressionistic landscapes from Ireland.
  18. Pietro Bellani. Abstract interiors from Italy.
  19. Swati Parmar. Traditional landscapes from India.
  20. Ilir Leonard Berhami. Expressionistic landscapes from Albania.
  21. Marcos Girão. Grafismo oils from Portugal.
  22. Stephen Rumney. Consumer realism.
  23. Darrell Guernier. Geometric shapes in oil.
  24. Rick Pirman. Digital art.
  25. Michele Mazzitelli. Surrealistic shapes from Italy.
  26. Sibylle Pieters. Realistic drawings of animals and wildlife.
  27. Silvana Brunotti. Impressionistic cityscapes from Italy.
  28. Alix Smith. Portraiture photography.
  29. Mark Sedgwick. Geometric shapes from the UK.
  30. Sanjay Kumar. Symbolic drawings from India.
  31. Sheila Elizabeth Minano. Portrait photography.
  32. Bruce New. Expressionistic portraits.
  33. Alex Storer. Surrealistic digital light and color.
  34. Mano Nogueira. Expressionistic portraits from Cuba.
  35. Mauricio Toussaint. Conceptual figurative painting.
  36. Cary Charles. Abstract oils.
  37. Toomas Altnurme. Spiritual performace art.
  38. Darren Smalley. Digital light and color.
  39. J. R. Earlbecke. Drawings from the Foothills Art Center.
  40. Julie Rasmussen. Abstract light and color.
  41. Cocco Carreras Fabio. Abstracts from Sardegna.
  42. Leanne Laine. Impressionistic still life.
  43. Albert Gehret. Manipulated photography.
  44. Ken Christian. Watercolors from Germany.
  45. Emzar Mmgebrishvili. Symbolic oils from Georgia.
  46. Robert Ciesla. Digital photography, cityscapes.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may create an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their Artist Page or to upgrade to Gallery Service.

Artists with Gallery Service can create and edit on-line portfolios of up to 200 images from a control panel. These galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness. Artists may sell artwork from the galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/digitalcolor accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year.
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