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Issue 59. September 2004
Dragan Katanic
Dragan Katanic is the September 2004 Artist of the Month. He combines different techniques in a single painting. His paintings are on a thin invisible line between fine glamour and the primal scream of birth. Dragan is from Serbia and his works are exhibited in several galleries there.

New or edited Galleries
Dan Civa, Teresa Muñoz, Deborah Ann Duffy, Renee Nemerov, Tory Baggiano, Joseph DiSipio and Eric-Scott Bloom have new work in their galleries.

Renowned Artists
Isadore 'Friz' Freleng (1905-1995), Odilon Redon (1840-1916), Henri Rousseau (1844-1910) and LeRoy Neiman (1927-) have been added to the Renowned Artists Galleries. The renowned artists are also organized by century.

News from the Artists
Sara Shamma was the winner of the Fourth Prize (£2,000) in the prestigious BP Portrait award contest for one of a fascinating series of self portraits. Sara was the youngest of the shortlisted artists. A Syrian artist living and working in Damascus, she is a graduate of the Adham Ismail fine arts institute and Damascus University. She has exhibited and won awards in Syria as well as contributing to group shows in Europe, Canada and the Middle East.
Chard Chenier's painting, "Prayer" is now the cover of a CD titled: Primal Prayer with extraordinary music and songs by Phynix.
Ricardo Baez-Duarte has new exhibitions, The Floor Realm, and Intimacy Series and a blog, Thoughts in Progress at

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of any contemporary artist go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/database.phtml and enter any part of the artist's name. To see the most recent artists go to http://DigitalConsciousness.Com/limit.phtml
  1. Marcos Manuel Nobre de Sousa Girao. Expressionistic oils from Portugal.
  2. Gina Marks. Photo-realistic portraits.
  3. Waldemar Franz Rösch. Geometric shapes from Germany.
  4. Peter Abajkovics. Performance art.
  5. Mary Frances Millet. Impressionistic wildlife watercolors.
  6. Werner Hornung. Digital art.
  7. Natasha Manakova. Realistic oils from Russia.
  8. J. W. Gardner. Impressionistic oils.
  9. Francis Koerber. Geometric shapes.
  10. Schmoo. Light and color from the UK.
  11. Devin Gonzales. Expressionistic artwork drawing from a variety of sources.
  12. G E Stevens. Jewelry.
  13. Sharon Cummings. Abstract light and color.
  14. Rebecca Aasop. Abstract, modern and contemporary work.
  15. Alfonso Izco. Expressionistic oils from Spain.
  16. Zoja Trofimiuk. Figurative sculpture from Australia.
  17. Barrie J. Davies. Widely exhibited ink on paper from the UK.
  18. Betty Mo. Drawings from Austria.
  19. Sohan Jakhar. Rajasthan Pop Art from India.
  20. A. Artist. Art for the 31st century.
  21. Patricia Madden. Southwestern landscapes with Kachinas, Shamanism.
  22. Galina Lopatcheva. Landscapes and nature from Russia.
  23. Samantha Peterson. Spiritual pastels.
  24. Jorge Gurmandi. Mystical oils from Argentina.
  25. Melissa Dadourian. Award winning abstract oils.
  26. Brandt Sponseller. Precarious balances in surrealistic oils.
  27. Mary Wenrich. Photography, pen & ink with watercolors.
  28. Allen Yang. Photography from China.
  29. Brad Smith. Surrealistic lights and colors.
  30. Mansi Shukla. Fantasy performance art from India.
  31. Charles Rudisill. Seascapes.
  32. Szeghy. Pastel portraits.
  33. Jody Mitchell. Texture color and movement.
  34. David Buzzi. Photographic digital art.
  35. Joka Lukacs. Granite sculpture from Hungary.
  36. Anne Vis. Beeswax paintings from the Netherlands.
  37. Nicolaas Maritz. Metaphysical artist of Aquarian consciousness.
  38. Shihu Chen. Cement painting from China. Mixes high strength cement with inorganic pigment and chemical additive.
  39. Golestaneh. Animation and photography from Iran.
  40. Johanna Uribes. Paintings of decadent desserts.
  41. Airton Adami. Mosaic tiles from Brazil.
  42. Hernando Rico Sanchez. Political and social paintings.

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