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Issue 62. October 2004
Matthew Bates
Matthew Bates is the October 2004 Artist of the Month. Matthew was born in Washington, D.C. in 1970. He attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, and moved to Firenze in 1992. He creates images which stretch reality with three perspective points. This technique, “Magic Realism,” allows us to see a realistic image in a magical context. It is as if we had three sets of eyes spying on the world all at once.

Matthew's technique has been molded by mathematical principals as well. In several of his paintings he has used Fibonacci Rectangles, or the Golden Ratio, to create the design of the painting. He has had exhibitions in Washington D.C., Firenze, Spain, New York City and Virginia.

News from the Artists
Gilbert Abric, Teresa Muñoz and Adelle Jean have new work in their galleries.
Steve Danzig his notified us that the deadline for the 2005 International Digital Art Awards is 30 November 2004; however, those artists who enter before October 30 will be eligible to win the new G 600 Konica Minolta 6 meg Digital Camera.
Eva Lewarne has several new works which may be viewed at

Renowned Artists
Stanton Macdonald-Wright (1890-1973), Claes Oldenburg (b.1929), Christo Javacheff (b.1935) and Edward Joseph Ruscha (b.1937) have been added to the Renowned Artists Galleries. The renowned artists are also organized by century.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Iran Graphic. 3l3ctrographism design from Iran.
  2. Franco Momo. Oil paintings influenced by Precolumbian art.
  3. Wechter Krogstad. 21st Century abstract monoprints and pastels.
  4. Joan Myerson Shrager. A fusion of art and technology.
  5. Cammie Wysocki-Noel. Pre-Raphaelite type portraits.
  6. Stephen Charles Long. Drawings and poetry.
  7. Tressa Mootz. Landscapes and nature.
  8. Stefano Momentè. Enamel, acrylics and collage on emulsioned printing pads.
  9. Eileen Kasprick. Watercolor florals.
  10. Frank Mothe. Impressionistic light and color from Denmark.
  11. Tony Mendoza. Vibrant colorful figures.
  12. Yone Lins Marchesetti Sigaud. Mosaics from Brazil.
  13. Timothy Stidham. Comic book artwork.
  14. Krzysztof Radziewicz. Abstracts from Poland.
  15. Karen Stidham. Portraits, illustrations, graphics, cartooning.
  16. Michael Stidham. Pencil portraits.
  17. Mary Gonzalez. Funny animals and unique characters.
  18. Wendy Bandurski. Naive fantasies from Australia.
  19. Debbie Jensen. Whimsical Flash and digital art.
  20. Charles Joshua. Ragged primal images.
  21. Sandra van der Veen. Realistic animals from the Netherlands.
  22. Sandra Henke. Whimsical sculptures.
  23. Kenneth Stevenson. Re-birth and transformation.
  24. Brett Hayes. Realistic seascapes from Australia.
  25. Jean Claude Davreux. Political psychedelic art from Belgium.
  26. David Price. Layered impressionism.
  27. Tessie Lombe Lualse-Angole. Symbolic African style art from Zambia.
  28. Alannala Lau. Spiritual paintings of chrysanthemums from Hong Kong.
  29. Tobi Held. Abstract oils.
  30. Winona Fox. Artwork inspired by a career in electronics.
  31. Duggie Fields. Post-pop maximalism.
  32. Maximiliane Creutzfeldt. Ceramic sculpture.
  33. Girish Kumar. The contradiction of violence and serenity from India.
  34. Steven Moore. Celtic knotwork.
  35. Johnathan Menashy. Cityscapes from Israel.
  36. Elisabeth Angelina C. E. Dellner. Spiritual lights from Norway.
  37. Christine Belanger. Soft pastels from Canada.
  38. Ronya Shvachka. Computer art from Israel.
  39. Mariëlle Supheert. Landscape photography from the Netherlands.
  40. Vuljevas Juan Gabriel. Figures from Uruguay.
  41. Mohsin Hassan Syed. Oils from Pakistan.
  42. Rajiv Seth. Abstract images that blur the line between photography and painting.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may create an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their Artist Page or to upgrade to Gallery Service.

Artists with Gallery Service can create and edit on-line portfolios of up to 200 images from a control panel. These galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness. Artists may sell artwork from the galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year.
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