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Issue 63. November 2004
Girish Kumar
Girish Kumar (b. 1962) is the November 2004 Artist of the Month. Girish resides in Kerala, the small state of India where he was born. He has had six solo exhibitions in Kerala.

To Girish, painting is a trip to humanity and non-violence, a spiritual trip to peace. His work speaks to the contradiction of violence and serenity in all beings and forms.

News from the Artists
Robin Renton, Adelle Jean, Teresa Muņoz, Eric-Scott Bloom, and Matthew Bates have new galleries.
Pascal Jean Delorme has created a gallery of kitesurfing art, which consists of original paintings, limited edition giclee prints and canvas prints.

Renowned Artists
Richard Diebenkorn (1922-1993) and Louise Moillon (1610-1696) have been added to the Renowned Artists Galleries. The renowned artists are also organized by century.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Gove Geoffrey. Expressionistic montage.
  2. BluBark. Sandor Barics and Hernando Rico Sanchez.
  3. Elisabeth Angelina Caroline E.Dellner. Spiritual cityscapes from Norway.
  4. Timmie Ridge. Sculpture model.
  5. King Nitram. Eternal Freedom, Enduring Peace.
  6. Trisha Lambi. Realistic oil nudes from Australia.
  7. Robert & Teresa Wilson. Spiritual photography.
  8. Bashkim Qerimi. Oils from Macedonia.
  9. Madonna Paradis. Realistic flowers and figures.
  10. Robin Renton. Realistic animals and wildlife.
  11. Krystle Gilbert. Surrealistic portraits.
  12. Paul Lindsay. Zinc plate intaglio printmaking.
  13. Vladimir Zhigulin. Fantasy landscapes.
  14. Marnix De Bleeckere. Visual poetry from Belgium.
  15. Anna Laurini. Abstracts from recycled materials.
  16. David Tom. Still life from China.
  17. Monique Catherine Wiedemann. Figure abstracts from Germany.
  18. Virginia Arrisueno. Conceptual art.
  19. Chris McClary. Photographs of dogs in cars.
  20. Michel Leah. Geometric shapes.
  21. Michael Auger. Humorous art.
  22. Janybek Berdikeev. Landscapes and nature from the Kyrgyz republic.
  23. Pepita Selles. Pop art flowers from Sweden.
  24. Bart Borland. Computer art.
  25. Jose Alfredo Trevino. Mystical works.
  26. Mary Baker. Landscapes and nature.
  27. Chris Alan Wilton. Digital imaging, sci-fi and UFOs.
  28. Matthew Brennan. Narrative oils.
  29. Inga Vereshchagina. Expressionistic acrylics.
  30. Susan Pizarro-Eckert. Multicultural minimalist painting.
  31. Will Bullas. Fantasy animal watercolors.
  32. Robin Winter. Conceptual art.
  33. Simone Coulars. Mystical oils.
  34. Ilona Wellmann. Photography and digital art.
  35. Coudert Thierry. Acrylic on wood from France.
  36. Coudert Tigermus. Realistic ink on paper from France.
  37. Claire McCarthy. Impressionitic landscapes from Scotland.
  38. Thomm Quackenbush. A free serialized novel.
  39. Felita Gale McNeill. Symbolic acrylics.
  40. Tolga Erbatur. Abstract oil portraits.
  41. Luigi de Giovanni. Expressionistic oils from Italy.
  42. Guy Jean Genevier. Photography from France.
  43. Stamrad Selim. Ceramic sculpture from France.
  44. Vlado Polgar. Abstract sculpture from Canada.
  45. Stefano Rollero. Light and colors.
  46. David Hervey. Abstract portraits.
  47. Rosiland Solomon. HyperRealism.
  48. Tvt Mzamane. Blocks of light and dark aggressively exploiting shadows.
  49. John Daugherty. Medical illustrations.
  50. Fiona Neil. Landscapes and nature from Scotland.
  51. Lucille Quigley. Landscapes and nature from Ireland.
  52. David Vincenzi. Pastel animals from Canada.
  53. Marina Ibrishimova. Surrealistic dreams from Canada.
  54. Orestes Bouzon. Impressionistic oil portraits.
  55. George Wagner. Contemplative paintings.

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