Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 65. January 2005
Claire McCarthy
Claire McCarthy is the January 2005 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Claire is mainly self taught, although she has had courses and workshops at colleges including the Glasgow School of Art. She is inspired by artists such as Jenny Saville, Lucien Freud, David Donaldson and Edgar Degas. Her paintings are original and refreshing. She paints a wide range of subjects including figures and life, landscapes and animals.

News from the Artists
Rhonda Gutierrez, Massimo Ridolfi, Joseph DiSipio and Adelle Jean have created new galleries. Sara Shamma has an exhibition at the Kalemaat Art Gallery Baghdad Station, Amin Al Rihani Street, next to the Indian restaurant, Aleppo, Syria.
Anthony J. Petchkis will be participating in the grand opening of the Anton Fine Art Gallery and Studio 3 Lincoln Street, Wakefield, MA (781) 245-6007.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Helene Khoury. Figurative acrylics from the Netherlands.
  2. Iveta Priedite. Symbolic oils from Latvia.
  3. Lynda Cookson. Abstract oil impressions from Ireland.
  4. William Greiner. Vernacular photographic images made in the South.
  5. Denise Lion. Abstract light and color oils.
  6. Mark Herbert. Abstract portraits.
  7. Susan Peik. Landscape and nature photography.
  8. Dorothy Joan Riley. Expressionistic portraits.
  9. Matthew Monroe. Fine art photographs made with large format cameras.
  10. Joćo Moreira da Silva. Acrylics from Portugal.
  11. Satoshi Matsuyama. Spiritual landscapes from Japan.
  12. Istvan and Ildiko Parragh. Embroidered animals.
  13. Hossei Sharifi. Realistic drawings from Iran.
  14. Tara Bishop. Abstract digital still life.
  15. Michael Houts. Satellite images printed on canvas.
  16. Jean Francois Muller. Primitive still life.
  17. Antonio Papasso. Abstract interiors from Italy.
  18. Nico Bulder. Wildlife painting from Holland.
  19. Victoria Christian. Mystical landscapes.
  20. Rhonda Gutierrez. Symbolic, abstract and expressionistic.
  21. David Wertz. Expressionistic sculpture.
  22. Alton Tobey. Super-realistic figures.
  23. Wendy Green. Acrylic inks and watercolors from Belgium.
  24. Lisa Ernst. Still life and landscapes.
  25. Tengiz Kamkamidze. Impressionistic landscapes.
  26. George Ferrell. Landscape and nature photography.
  27. Duffy Brown. Contemporary metal jewelry.
  28. Angerer der Ältere. Eros, struggle and death.
  29. Philippe Conrad. Portraits of yachts, sailing ships and warships.
  30. T.J. Salzano. Visions of Energy.
  31. Olive. Vampires, spirits, gods and demons.
  32. Franco Policastro. Abstract still life from Spain.
  33. John D'Agostino. Fantasy portraits.
  34. Olivier Panisset. Abstract oils from France.
  35. Mark Hollis. Digital art and design from the U.K.
  36. Scott Jeffs. Tonalist pastoral landscapes.
  37. James Osher. Enhanced photography.
  38. Duane Cash. Spiritual cubistic abstracts.
  39. Phet Cash. Hot fantasy botanical drawings.
  40. William Raymon Sylvester. Impressionistic landscapes and nature.
  41. Tanya Schmidtke. Still life photography.
  42. Andrew MCDonald. Contemporary figurative representation.
  43. Mirek Sledz. Visionary kwadryzm from Poland.
  44. Spencer Gregory. Realistic portraits.
  45. Vivian Pedley. Portraits and characters from the U.K.
  46. Caroline Genovese. Realistic portraits in watercolor.
  47. Robert L. Berry. Jazzicatures.
  48. Nicholas Caputi. Abstract people.
  49. Nesrin Shaba. Impressionistic mixed media from Iraq.
  50. Dianne Panarelli Miller. Impressionistic landscapes and nature.
  51. Kali Heffernan. Mindscapes with glow paint.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
Registered Artists may create an Artist Page free of charge. They can then use the Edit link at the bottom of their Artist Page to edit their Artist Page or to upgrade to Gallery Service.

Artists with Gallery Service can create and edit on-line portfolios of up to 200 images from a control panel. These galleries contain no ads and are among the most prominent pages on Digital Consciousness. Artists may sell artwork from the galleries free of commission.

The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year.
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