Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 66. February 2005
Nathan McClain
Nathan McClain is the February 2005 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Nathan was an accomplished illustrator who died unexpectedly and tragically in 1997 at the age of 24.

Alton S. Tobey
It is with profound sadness that the family of artist Alton S. Tobey must announce that Alton died on Tuesday, January 4, 2005 after a long illness. Alton was an internationally renowned artist whose murals are in public places worldwide from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. to Jiddah, Saudi Arabia. His historical paintings have appeared in Life and many other magazines and dozens of books. He was a founder of the Curvilinear School of painting. For more information, see the full text of the press release on his death at

New Artwork in the Galleries
Joseph DiSipio, Nicholas Caputi, Rhonda Gutierrez, Matthew Bates, Diane Lane, Claire McCarthy, Massimo Ridolfi and Adelle Jean have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. John Lancaster. Geometric shapes from the U.K.
  2. Brian Ussery. Pen and ink architectural renderings.
  3. Falasca Dario. Landscape watercolors from Italy.
  4. Nathan McClain. Watercolor illustrations.
  5. Edwin Chavez-Viza. Watercolor landscapes.
  6. J'me. Abstract portraits.
  7. Christine Reynolds. Landscape and nature drawing from the U.K.
  8. Pierre d'Alancaisez. Fashion and portrait photography.
  9. Martin Cooke. Abstract light and color from N. Ireland.
  10. Olivier Maceratesi. Fantasy portraits from Brazil.
  11. David Ubben. Symbolic drawing from Switzerland.
  12. Nevena Stefanova. Realistic portraits from Bulgaria.
  13. Pet Campbell. Photographs of flowers.
  14. Robert Edgar. Digital Art -- bi-coastal Memory Theaters.
  15. Benini. Abstract sculpture and geometric shapes.
  16. Nico Soranno. Sculpture and landscape oils from Italy.
  17. Johann Eyfells. Sculpture.
  18. Iacopo Turnino. Realistic animation from Italy.
  19. Danna Tartaglia. Abstract nature paintings.
  20. Pessa Marco. Enamels on canvas.
  21. Stef Libbrecht. Commercial and fine art photographer from Belgium.
  22. N.H. Ring. Visionary surrealistic people.
  23. Eric and Donna M. Condida. Nature photography, bladesmithing and woodworking.
  24. Julian Merrow-Smith. Realistic still life from France.
  25. Debra Amerson. Tra-digital Art.
  26. Diane Lane. Realistic dip pen and ink portraits.
  27. Debra Lynn Jones. Landscape and nature photography.
  28. Oscar Alejandro Poliotto. Collage digital art from Argentina.
  29. Gary Gabriel Jun Molleno Jr. Landscape and nature oils from the Philippines.
  30. Layachi Hamidouche. Symbolic mixed media from Algeria.
  31. Jamie Morhaim. Abstract surreal imagery.
  32. Bruce Roberson. Digital interiors.
  33. Thom Price. Surrealistic oil paintings.
  34. Alexander Lyamkin. Optimistic surrealism from Russia.
  35. Paz Winshtein. Fantasy oils.
  36. Bruce Price. Life's secret machinery.
  37. Linda Eades Blackburn. Landscapes and nature.
  38. Richard Young. Realistic oil portraits from the U.K.
  39. Jason Nayler. Sculpture and interior design from the U.K.
  40. David Lewis. Abstract digital art.
  41. Georges Libbrecht. Etchings, drawings and paintings from Belgium.
  42. Ana Lončar. Illustrator, photographer and designer from Croatia.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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