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Issue 68. April 2005
Kerry L Marsala
K L Marsala began working with energy art a few years ago. She noticed how the arts helped heal people from all walks of life and she began to develop her own form of energy art. K L Marsala's artwork encompasses Asian landscapes, abstract forms, geometric forms, symbolism and visions. Her medium is acrylic and Sumi Ink.

Her interest in Asian culture has influenced her artwork. She offers healing paintings called Inner Personality Portraits. She interprets onto canvas feelings expressed to her by the sick, and so contributes to their healing.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Gillian Sneed, Eileen Kasprick, Dragan Katanic, Lynda Cookson, Massimo Ridolfi, Shaun Parrin, Werner Hornung, Bruce Price, Nicholas Caputi and Adelle Jean have added new work to their galleries.

Christo Yavasheff (born June 13, 1935 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria) and Jeanne-Claude are an artistic duo famous for wrapping objects and buildings, as well as environmental art. They are the best-known practitioners of what is called installation art. Their most recent project was 2005's The Gates, in New York City's Central Park. Prints, including some signed by Christo, are available from: News from the Artists
Bruce Price won an award in Caladan Gallery's Nov 04 show, Exalted Color. His first show as digital artist, Bruce Price: Digital Revolution can be viewed at: under "Gallery Archives." More of his work can also be viewed at and PRICE.MYEXPOSE.COM

Jamie Morhaim updated his website: with new mixed media abstracts and has an Abstract Art Shop On is inviting contemporary artists to apply for their upcoming featured artist gallery. is a non-commercial on line gallery that is dedicated to showcasing a variety of contemporary artists. Participants are asked to send 3-5 images (jpeg) with title and media - and to write a 1-2 sentence (only) description of themselves - include name, location, and preferred artistic media. If desired the artist may include contact information and a link to their website. There is no charge. The deadline is April 20th. To apply or request further information please contact curator Selavy Bourgeau at:

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Derek Jay Dent. Collage, assemblage and mixed media.
  2. Loredana Bell. Abstract florals.
  3. Andrew Campbell. Digital art from the U.K.
  4. Clay George. Collage and abstracts.
  5. Anthony Seeker. Graphic illustrations.
  6. Flauberto. Abstract photography from Germany.
  7. Roger Armstrong. French landscapes.
  8. Tara Sullivan. Meditative visual poetry.
  9. Alexis Pope. Light and color abstracts from Germany.
  10. Iain Cant. Evolutionary sculpture from the U.K.
  11. Douglas Schenck. Light switch covers, lighter cases, metal signs, glass media and furniture.
  12. Tahoe Foster. Visionary oils.
  13. Gillian Sneed. Stylized ornamentation.
  14. Humbert David. Aerosol and acrylic from France.
  15. Sarita De Saint. Human and animal portraits.
  16. Hank Alexandru. Glass and metal sculpture from Romania.
  17. Tsering Nyandak. Expressionistic naive art from China.
  18. Charles Summers. Painted a fan for the late Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.
  19. Carlos Pereira da Silva. Realistic people, portraits and characters from Portugal.
  20. Carme BoschiAgustí. Oils from Spain.
  21. Jeffery Wright. Handtinted photography.
  22. Dragica Ohashi. Fashion illustration from Japan.
  23. Udham Dhindsa. Fantasy digital art from India.
  24. Jon Robb. Photography, painting and printmaking.
  25. Miran Kres. An exploration of mortality and alchemy from Slovenia.
  26. Rod Innes. Photography from Canada.
  27. Luca Cappai. Symbolic geometric shapes from the U.K.
  28. Alexandria Heather. Video montage and animation.
  29. Galleria Space1. Bronze sculpture from Italy.
  30. Mathias Will. Performance art from Germany.
  31. Zhen Lian. Impressionistic florals and landscapes from Hong Kong.
  32. Isabel Chenoweth. Portrait photography.
  33. Derrick Fludd. Spiritual abstracts.
  34. Ros Callander. Sunset paintings from Scotland.
  35. Tuan Do Minh Duc. Abstract oils from France.
  36. Rhonda Watson. Tall ships.
  37. Eric Deis. Video installation from Canada.
  38. Naim Iseni. Abstract sculpture from Canada.
  39. Emilio Lopez-Galiacho. Architecture from Spain.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
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The Digital Color Art Awards.
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