Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 69. May 2005
Rooma Mehra
Rooma Mehra (b. 1967) is the May 2005 Artist of the Month. The cognitive details of Rooma's intricate and exquisite watercolors reveal a fertile mind of great imaginative reach. Her sensitive faces have a dreamy vapor-like quality that exude secretiveness and magical charm. After seeing her paintings, the predominant feeling that one has is that she is in search of an incomprehensible and invisible truth a longing for which is reflected in all of her paintings.

Rooma has had solo shows in New Delhi from 1982 to 2002. Her work is in collections in Canada, Switzerland, U.S.A., Denmark, Austria, Spain and Japan. She has published three volumes of poetry.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Julie Deane, Donna Sakamoto Crispin, Nicholas Caputi, Kerry L. Marsala and Dragan Katanic have added new work to their galleries.

Zoja Trofimiuk
Zoja Trofimiuk has a solo sculpture exhibition titled Unfinished Conversation, Adam Galleries, 9.11.~28.11.2005. 105 Queen Street, Melbourne 3000

New Contemporary Artists
The following artists registered this month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Khadejha McCall. African fabric designs.
  2. Susanna Viale. Expressionistic oil portraits from Italy.
  3. Cher Landry. Cultural photography.
  4. Tom Szewc. Contemporary colorist painter.
  5. Edgar Jansen. Drawings from the Netherlands.
  6. Sergey Kovrigo. Surrealism from Balarus.
  7. Kevin Wilcomb. Anthropomorphic character and environment design.
  8. Robert Barratt. Landscape watercolors.
  9. Touth Andrade. Fruits, flowers and birds from Brazil.
  10. Alexandra John Petrie. Assemblage and collage.
  11. Sergei Chernenko. Reflections of mysticism from Israel.
  12. Keith McGee. Pop art.
  13. Joshua Nyatefe. Abstracts from Ghana.
  14. Jonas Jellestad. Screen prints from Norway.
  15. Kim Wyatt. Whimsical horse heads.
  16. Hajontaie Mercado. Landscape drawings.
  17. Dane Kai Kondo. Watercolor fish.
  18. Isabel Frias. Still life from Spain.
  19. Anna Ly. Geometic shapes and abstracts.
  20. Julie Deane. Pastel portraits.
  21. Nancy Toothman. 3-Dimensional assemblage.
  22. Donna Sakamoto Crispin. Basketry and woven figures.
  23. Gail Caduff-Nash. Wildlife illustrations.
  24. Robert Viana. Landscapes and nature.
  25. Sidney Ann Pitchford. Landscapes and nature.
  26. Mike Elliott. African wildlife watercolors.
  27. Aleczandra Kulig. Fantasy drawings.
  28. Francis Maina. Writings from Kenya.
  29. Yvonne Coleman-Burney. Contemporary abstracts.
  30. Ife Fidudusola. Abstracts from Nigeria.
  31. Bobby Abate. Media studies.
  32. Michael Murray. Computer game art from the U.K.
  33. Zhen Lian. Landscapes and florals from Hong Kong.
  34. Keith Pomery. Chaos infused abstracts from the U.K.
  35. DeBorah Beatty. Light and color abstracts.
  36. Val Andre. Pin up and erotic computer arts.
  37. Sharon Elliott. Impressionistic oils.

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