Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 81. June 2006
Finn Stamp (b. 1980)
Finn Stamp is the June 2006 Digital Color Artist of the Month. Finn was born in Scotland and began painting at an early age. After gaining a B-Tech National Diploma in music technology, he spent time in Thailand, gaining inspiration and insight that furthered his artistic interpretations. Finn's passion for Pop Art is inspired by such postmodernists as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He has painted cult icons in a contemporary yet personal style and numerous fine art interpretations of personal photos.

His works have been exhibited in numerous places such as the London Art Fair and The Green Room Manchester, and written about in the magazines City Life and The Big Issue. He now runs his own art company, NuVision, which produces a range of Pop Art, landscape and commissioned paintings.

New Artwork in the Galleries
Adelle Jean, Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Joseph DiSipio, Kimberley Walton, Massimo Ridolfi, Zoran Poposki, Jay Anthony, Maggie Connell and Bruce Price have added new work to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see the most recent artists go to
  1. Rohit Chowdhary. Meditative photography from India.
  2. Helio Rubiales. Sculpture from Brazil.
  3. Judy Hall-Grieve. Paper-Mache and oil cityscapes from Australia.
  4. Terry LeBlanc. Realistic cityscapes from Sweden.
  5. Jeffrey Leclair. Painter and composer with an original clothing line.
  6. Felipe Oduardo. Bronze sculpture from Puerto Rico.
  7. Miran Mahmoud. Expressionistic oils from Egypt.
  8. Bernd Wachtmeister. Digital characters from Germany.
  9. Stanislav Hatala. Digital art, photography and fractals from Slovakia.
  10. Katherine Pankhurst. Landscape photography from Australia.
  11. Glenn Zlanabitnig. Realistic and surrealistic landscapes.
  12. Shelley O'Bar. Stained glass mosaics.
  13. Annette Kearney. Majolica tiles, tile mosaics and tile murals.
  14. Aladin Van-Dunem. Drawings from Portugal.
  15. Izak De Villiers. Surrealistic landscapes from South Africa.
  16. Scott Menaul. Crystal geometric refacting objects in virtual space.
  17. Wolfgang Oehry. Realistic oil portraits.
  18. Michael Preston. Impressionistic oils and pastels.
  19. Bertha Venter. Realistic natural world oils.
  20. Stephen Stewart. Surrealistic drawings.
  21. Mark Graham. Impressionistic portraits from England.
  22. Danja Mataruga Milutinovic. Oil portraits from Yugoslavia.
  23. Ryan Broughman. Depictions of the world through the use of bank notes.
  24. Adriana Villagra. Realist landscapes from Paraguay.
  25. Carlos Ramirez. Mystical animals from Belgium.
  26. VJ Gregory Plouy. Daily abstractions from France.
  27. Dalia Rubin. Metallic tint abstracts from Israel.
  28. Jerome Deppe. Neo-folk photography,
  29. Larz Eldb?ge. Abstracts from Sweden.
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