Digital Consciousness News.

Issue 92. May 2007
Garry Andrews
Garry Andrews is the May 2007 Digital Color Artist of the Month. He was born in Sydney Australia and has recently completed a Master of Arts in Visual Arts. Garry was a founder and the first chairman of Kick Arts, a progressive artists collective in Cairns. He was a critical influence in the philosophy and early direction of that arts organization.

Garry has an extensive record of solo and group exhibitions -- more than 60, including drawing survey exhibitions at Queensland Art Gallery. He is the recipient of over 36 Art prizes and awards for painting, drawing, sculpture, and printmaking including the Jacaranda Drawing Prize for emerging artists. He has had numerous major commissions for Government and corporate clients including the Dept. of Environment, Optus, Cairns Port Authority and the Cairns Regional Gallery. He is represented in National and International Art Collections including the Faber Castell International Collection.

Free Museums in May Present your Bank of America or MBNA credit card to selected museums in the Northeastern US and in California during May, and get free admission for yourself and a guest. For the list of participating museums or for more information, go to

New Artwork in the Galleries
Kevin Barr, Nicholas Caputi, Bruce Price and Fuzzworks have added new artwork to their galleries.

New Contemporary Artists The following artists registered in the last month. To view the work of an artist enter the artist's name at To see these most recent artists go to
  1. Leon Dolice. Cityscape etchings.
  2. Jason Buroker. Phosphorescent pigments.
  3. Aakash Anand. Burnt paper and fabric from India.
  4. Toni Milaqi. Cubism from Albania.
  5. Gjorgi Jakimovski. Computer art from Macedonia.
  6. Maximin Lida. Aestheticism and reflection.
  7. Tekosher Najat. Computer art from Iraq.
  8. Vincenzo Fiore Marrese. Exploration of matter from Italy.
  9. Alvin Gill-Tapia. Semi-abstract architectural images.
  10. Norman Engel. Women and free-form abstraction.
  11. Eszra Tanner. Landscape photography.
  12. Nino Leselidze. Surrealistic photography.
  13. Roy Laskar. Cubistic fantasy from India.
  14. Dawk McFarlane. Photo-digital collage montage cartoons.
  15. Antonio Narducci. Fantastic surrealistic oils from Italy.

R.W. Firestone The March 2007 issue of ARTNEWS has a review of Santa Barbara author, psychologist and artist R.W. Firestone's solo exhibition at the Walter Wickiser Gallery in New York City. A catalog with an essay by Edward Lucie-Smith is available upon request.

Artist publishing on Digital Consciousness.
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The Digital Color Art Awards.
Digital Color accepts nominations for art awards. The winner's biography and links to the winner's artwork are placed in the permanent gallery. Gallery Service fees are waived for winners for one year.
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