Internet Development oOo
Development Tools:
  • pdftotext.
  • pdf2jpg.
  • realfavicongenerator.
  • Html color charts
    • Browser safe colors
      • An html chart. The hexadecimal code and color swatchs for the 216 browser safe colors.
      • reds. The non-dithering pure reds.
      • greens. The non-dithering pure greens.
      • blues. The non-dithering pure blues.
      • grays. The non-dithering grays, includes black and white.
      • A jpg chart. Shows the RGB (red green blue) values as well as the hex values.
    • Color code tester previews every color.

  • Image Viewer
    The Image Viewer allows the user to manipulate images.
    An image can be expanded or contracted and different backgrounds can be selected.
  • Real Simple Syndication (RSS)
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