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Surreal Virtual Gallery: original paintings, drawings and poetry by Saint Virgin Peter surreal portrait and figurative paintings in oils. Explores the close relationship between human and nature.
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Silvana Brunotti Oil Paintings - Rome Landscapes - Artist Painter

Original Oil Paintings by the Italian Painter Silvana Brunotti. Pictures of Rome, Italy Landscapes, Still lives and Watercolors.
Georges Starckmann, Artist, Painter, Sculptor, Writer

The notes books of Georges Starckmann, Plastician Artist - Drawings - Sculptures - Poetry and novels.
Marc Chagall (1887-1985)

Chagall passed a childhood steeped in Hasidic culture. His Slav Expressionism was tinged with the influence of Daumier, Jean-Franois Millet, the Nabis and the Fauves. He was also influenced by Cubism. Essentially a colourist, Chagall was interested in the Simultaneist vision of Robert Delaunay and the Luminists of the Section d'Or. He painted chimerical processions of memory where reality and the imaginary are woven together. His work in stained glass adorns the Assy baptistery, the cathedrals of Metz and Rheims, the Hebrew University Medical Centre synagogue in Jerusalem and the Paris Opra.
Flicker Light Studio

Surreal and abstract Digital Fine Art by Tom and Susan Repasky published by Flicker Light Studio

gruppo esclusivamente creato per coppie, i singoli verranno eslusi subito , qundi, non fatemi perdere tempo
Collection of Amateur Artists Web Ring

This ring is part of the system. The members are creative and talented folk, and choose to express themselves in a myriad of mediums - including traditional art, oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, pen and ink, charcoal, artistic photography, and computer-rendered art.
Mary Cassatt (1844 - 1926)

Cassatt was born in Pittsburg and attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She traveled extensively through Europe with her parents and siblings and in 1874 she settled permanently in Paris. Although she had several works accepted for exhibition by the tradition-bound French Salon, her artistic aims aligned her with the avant-garde painters of the time and in 1877 she joined the impressionists. Her innovative compositions explore the lives of women - attending the opera, drinking tea, writing letters, caring for children in a straightforward manner free from sentimentality. She created an ambitious mural representing modern woman for the 1893 World's Fair.
R Young Art

Sensual and tastefully erotic original fine art nude oil paintings and pastels
Claes Oldenburg (1929 - )

Claes Oldenburg was born in Stockholm. He studied at Yale and the Art Institute of Chicago. He established himself in the early 1960s with a series of installations and performances on New York's Lower East Side. He installed Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks on the Yale campus in 1969, which became a controversial focus for student protest, and Clothespin in downtown Philadelphia in 1976. His recent work, with Coosje van Bruggen, is the 144-foot-long, 64-foot-high Cupid's Span for Rincon Park on the Embarcadero in San Francisco.
sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO

sTeVo iN yR sTuDiO is an Electronic Media Artist who's work explores the nature of the medium and pushes the creative envelope of experimentation. siys's artistic techniques include spontaneous and intuitive employment of unconventional and nonstandard methodology.
Peter H. Eoyang Watercolors

Peter was born Eoyang Hsun in Shanghai in the summer of 1923 as the first of four children of Eoyang Keh. He received his Christian name, Peter, and his artistic name, Yin Ye in China in the mid 1930s. Eoyang Yin Ye appears on many of his works as applied by a seal.
Art Gallery

On this Art Gallery, you can find different artists from The Netherlands.
Haystack at Giverny 1886

Claude Monet (1840-1926) Monet was born in Paris, studied for one year at the Acadmie Suisse in Paris and completed a years military service in Algeria. He painted directly from nature and used quick brush stokes to record overall effect rather than detail. He and fellow artist, Renoir, did not use black or brown to describe shadows but instead contrasts of juxtapositioned colors.
17th Century Renowned Artists

17th century renowned artists and the masterpieces they have created. The artists are listed in order of birth,
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The Millinery Shop

The Millinery Shop, 1884/90 Oil on canvas 100 x 110.7 cm With its unusual cropping and tilted perspective, this painting seems to depict an unedited glimpse of the interior of a small, 19th-century millinery shop, one that might be seen while window-shopping. The young shop girl leans back to examine her creation, her mouth pursed around a pin and her hands gloved to protect the delicate fabric of the hat. Totally absorbed, she seems absolutely unaware of the viewer. Edgar Degas scraped and repainted both the milliners hands and her hat-in-progress so that both appear to be movingan intended contrast with the finished hats on display to her left.
LeRoy Neiman (1927-

The majority of Neiman's brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic images focus on sporting events and leisure activities. He was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and taught at the Art Institute of Chicago for 10 years. He was a contributing artist for Playboy producing sketches and paintings for a feature called "Man at His Leisure." In 1995 he gave the School of the Arts at Columbia University $6 million to create the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies.
Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997)

Roy was born in New York. He had his first one-man exhibition in 1951 and worked as a commercial artist until 1957. He painted parodies of American twenties' art such as Remington's cowboy-and-Indian scenes. He used elements of commercial art, comics and advertisements in his drawings and painting. He produced large format paintings for the New York State Pavilion at the World's Fair in New York.
George Catlin and his Indian Gallery

Seminole, Os-ce-o-l, The Black Drink, a Warrior of Great Distinction, 1838, Determined to record the "manners and customs" of Native Americans, Catlin, a lawyer turned painter, traveled thousands of miles from 1830 to 1836 following the trail of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Catlin visited 50 tribes living west of the Mississippi River from present day North Dakota to Oklahoma.
Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)

Vincent created over 2000 remarkable unparalleled paintings and artworks. He also suffered violent insanity. He attacked his friend, painter Paul Gauguin with a razor, and immediately afterward, cut off his left earlobe. His death resulted from self inflicted pistol wounds.
Mount Fuji in Clear Weather

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) Hokusai was a painter and wood engraver, born in Edo (now Tokyo). He produced illustrations and color prints that drew their inspiration from the traditions, legends, and lives of the Japanese people. The free curved lines characteristic of his style gradually developed into a series of spirals that imparted the utmost freedom and grace to his work. His prints were imported to Paris in the mid-19th century and enthusiastically collected by impressionist artists.
Edvard Munch (1863-1944)

Cultural anxiety haunts the work of Norwegian Edvard Munch with a formal inventiveness that impinges upon the emotions before we are even aware of the subject. The deeper regions of the psyche are accessible through the potent agency of rhythm and color expressed in Symbolist art.
3D Art Surrealism Pictures

3D Art Surrealism Pictures Collection. Paintings Prints by 3d artist George Grie. Graphic design images artworks, surreal fine posters, free wallpapers multimedia gallery.
The Erotic Art and Comics of Sandra Chang

The Erotic Art and Comics of Sandra Chang depicts powerful women in a sci-fi/fantasy situation.
Patterson Art Studio

Patterson Art Studio is a Gallery that features a wide variety of types of art,you can find everything from total realism to digital art and photography
Sculpture, The Female Nude

Limited edition, figurative sculpture of the female nude Life like figures in resin and bronze.
work smART artists

work smART artists - a resource site for professional, semi-professional or hobby artists who are considering a change of employment status, and who use (or intend to use) the Internet as a marketing tool.
Galerie Gartlgruber

Paintings, ceramic, glass, photo and more
Bryce 3D : free flight of fantasy

Art by Winberg

Oil paintings, mostly landscape related motifs. Realism. Information about the Swedish artist and his painting.
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Through the eyes of John Baselmans

The most complete artsite with over 250 pages of drawings, information and free stuff!
Contemporary Figurative Art

Painting, drawing and sculpture based on the human form, inspired by the Renaissance
Paranormal Art by Donna Worby

Photographic art images that have NOT been altered in any way. Step outside the normal. Ghosts, fairies, and the unusual.
Blender-Galerie Munich/Germany/Europe

Sensual erotic abstract and cubism oil paintings with flash animation. E-cards.
Ana de Medeiros painting and sculptures

Fine art, gestic, informal, abstract free painting, expressionism, acrylic, oil, watercolour, gouache and pastel, sculptures.
TOPALSKI fine Arts

Original art work in watercolours, oils, pastels,... from artist Darko Topalski,feturing landscapes,esoteric and metaphysical questions, signs "For me art is the simpliest & purest way of communication. Moods, fears,emotions,ideas,all that can be found in a work of art."
EB Erotica

From Nudes to Fetish in a simple gestural brush style.

Imaginative use of vivid colours,blending and texture creates some stunning and unusual original pieces of abstract artwork
Links Directory of International Art

International Directory of best Art websites a/k/a Annuaire Toplist Art or Toplist Directory Art maintained by Michle Vincent
Online Art Gallery - Artist Portfolio - ARTQ.NET

Online art gallery featuring thousands of artists, this global arts resource provides you with access to artist portfolio. Showcase your artwork to the world by exhibiting your portfolio or gallery on ARTQ.NET.
Christo Javacheff (1935-

Christo was born in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. He studied at the Fine Arts Academy in Sofia from 1953 to 1956, when he moved to Prague. In 1957 Christo escaped to Vienna where he lived briefly before moving to Paris. Christo began his wrapped objects in Paris in 1958.
Stanton Macdonald-Wright(1890-1973)

MacDonald-Wright was born in Charlottesville, North Carolina. He attended Santa Monica High school and the Art Students League in California, and the Sorbonne and Academies Julian, Colarossi, and Beaux Arts in Paris. He served as the Director of the Art Students League from 1923-30, and oversaw the WPA arts program in the western U.S. during the Depression. Convinced that color and sound were equivalent phenomena and that one could orchestrate the colors in a painting the way a composer arranged notes and chords in a musical composition, Macdonald-Wright developed Synchromism, a system of painting based on color scales. Later in his life he taught Asian aesthetics at UCLA.
The Ocean Series

The Ocean Series is a Remodernist response to the color-field paintings of Mark Rothko. Intriguing, relaxing, and evocative, these colorful images appeal to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers as well. Originals, prints, and affordable signed posters can be purchased on line. The central theme in my painting is the search for stillness, the sort of profound and lucid calm that is the result of meditation or contemplation; another main theme is the relationship between humans, the ocean, and the atmosphere. The intent of my work is to create an ambiance where the spiritual dimension of this relationship can be experienced.

Layachi HAMIDOUCHE , algrian painter , exposes his work : PAINTING and INFOGRAPHIE .
Tuxxedo Studios: Imagination 2 Creation

Beautiful Fantasy Art & Animations, Wildlife Photography and Tattoo Designs. No pop-ups, no adware and no memberships required! Free Ecards and Free Galleries.
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Milan's Sculpture

An Online Gallery of Milan Sengupta's SCULPTURE & CHALK SCULPTURE of realistic portraits ,figures & compositions including nudes & seminudes with Sailor's Fantasy. Also displays how to sculpt Chalks
Creative Cakes

Artistic and Creative Cakes...
Zsuzsa Doszkocs Gallery of Realism:

Szentendre, other towns, Rusyn churchs, landcapes, still-lifes, flowers, people, animals and illustrations. Website for pictures (painting, graphic, pastel drawing), videos, E-Cards, wallpapers and more in Hungary.
Studio Treasure

Art in your home. This website is your Art buying/managing guide. A guide to choosing and buying an artwork, locating the proper placement for it in relation to your living room home decor, and even fixing a painting/graphic art onto a wall (technically).


This is the third page. It shows the sites ranked 101-150.   1-50   |   51-100   |   151-201   |   201-250   |   251-300   |   301-350   |   351-400   |   401-614
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