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Southern California Art Walks, Open Studio Tours, & Art Festivals
  • Art walks: mostly art galleries & sometimes museums or other cultural facilities.
  • Studio tours: artists open their homes or studios for visitors to see their work.
  • Art festivals: artists come together in a central location to display their work in booths.
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Jun 30-Sep 3, 2017 Sawdust Art Festival ($9)
Jun 30-Sep 3, 2017 Art-A-Fair, Laguna Beach ($8)
Jul 5-Aug 31, 2017 Laguna Beach Festival of Arts ($8-12)
Aug 2017 Malibu Arts Festival
Aug 12-13, 2017 ArtWalk San Diego @ Liberty Station
Aug 12-13, 2017 Los Gatos Fiesta de Artes
Sep 2017 Catalina Festival of Art
Sep 2017 Montrose-Verdugo City Art Walk (4 times / yr)
Sep 2017 Santa Barbara Mus. of Nat. Hist. ArtWalk ($10)
Sep 2017 Thousand Oaks Arts Festival
Sep 2017 Ventura Art and Street Painting Festival
Sep 2-4, 2017 Fiesta Hermosa
Sep 23, 2017 Reseda Rising Artwalk
Oct 2017 Art at Reyes Adobe Days
Oct 2017 Beverly Hills artSHOW
Oct 2017 Brentwood Autumn Art Show
Oct 7-8, 2017 Studio City Arts and Crafts Show
Oct 21-22, 2017 Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival
Nov 2017 Carpinteria Vallley Museum of History
Holiday Arts & Crafts Faire
Nov 2017 Montrose-Verdugo City Art Walk (4 times / yr)
Nov 2017 Warner Park Fine Arts and Crafts Show
Nov 2017 Woodland Hills Rotary Club Arts & Crafts Faire
Jan 2018 Palm Springs Arts Festival ($5)
Feb 2018 Art Palm Springs ($20+)
Feb 2018 Hillcrest Festival of Fine Arts
Feb 2018 Palm Springs Arts Festival ($5)
Mar 2018 Palm Springs Arts Festival ($5)
Apr 2018 Brentwood Spring Art Show
Apr 2018 Mission Federal ArtWalk, San Diego
Apr 2018 Paint Ventura
Apr 2018 Woodland Hills Rotary Club Arts & Crafts Faire
Apr 2018 Downtown Burbank Fine Arts Festival
May 2018 Balboa Island Artwalk
May 2018 Beverly Hills artSHOW
May 2018 Calabasas Fine Arts Festival
May 2018 Culver City Affair of the Arts
May 2018 Depot Art Show, Chatsworth
May 2018 Fiesta Hermosa
May 2018 Montrose-Verdugo City Art Walk (4 times / yr) (C of C)
May 2018 Ojai Art in the Park
May 2018 Santa Monica Fine Arts Festival
May 2018 Sierra Arts and Crafts Festival
May 2018 Sierra Madre Art Fair
May 2018 Studio City Arts and Crafts Show
Jun 2018 Conejo Valley Art Museum (Thousand Oaks) ArtWalk
Jun 2018 Irvine Studio Arts Festival
Jun 2018 San Diego Festival of the Arts ($14-$18)
Jun 2018 Warner Park Fine Arts Faire
Jul 2018 Art on the Lake (Big Bear Lake)
Jul 2018 Big Bear Lake Artwalk Festival
Jul 2018 Montrose-Verdugo City Art Walk (4 times / yr)

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All events are free unless otherwise noted. Prices shown are subject to change, and there may be discounts for advance purchases and/or group discounts. Dates are subject to change.
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