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Date:Wednesday May 13, 2015 2:15:36 pm MDT
Subject:Re: clive kay lithograph
Message:pam wrote:
> I have a Animal Kingdom lithograph signed by Clive Kay. it is of the
> Tree of Life and can't find another one anywhere on the net. I was
> wondering if anyone had any idea of its value. I do have authenticity
> paper. I do find other tree of life posters but none like this one.

I have one of Clive Kay's Tree of Life also that we purchased at Animal Kingdom. Mr. Clive signed the work and it was embellished by him with an endangered species a Black Rhino. it is 162 of 300. I have seen another one that was sold on Ebay for $389. I think mine may be worth more since it has the Black Rhino added. Clive has done several more versions of the tree since the original. His original painting is on display I believe in the shop at Animal Kingdom.

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