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Date:Monday May 2, 2016 7:32:00 pm MDT
Subject:Re: clive kay lithograph
Message:Chuck wrote:
> pam wrote:
> > I have a Animal Kingdom lithograph signed by Clive Kay. it is of
> the
> > Tree of Life and can't find another one anywhere on the net. I was
> > wondering if anyone had any idea of its value. I do have
> authenticity
> > paper. I do find other tree of life posters but none like this one.
> I have one of Clive Kay's Tree of Life also that we purchased at
> Animal Kingdom. Mr. Clive signed the work and it was embellished by
> him with an endangered species a Black Rhino. it is 162 of 300. I have
> seen another one that was sold on Ebay for $389. I think mine may be
> worth more since it has the Black Rhino added. Clive has done several
> more versions of the tree since the original. His original painting is
> on display I believe in the shop at Animal Kingdom.

I have 2 of his original numbered limo's. One like your with the rhino #164 and one with out the rhino #165. I just saw a print that sold on Ebay for $550. It is not one of the 300 that he produced for the 1998 opening for Disney. It was framed for $550 and shipping was $175. If this poster went for $550 and someone. My Litho's have and embossed Disney logo and was singed by Clive and numbered. I have one that we have had framed with Museum quality materials. I am an artist and have all documentation for these Litho's. I want to sell the none framed print without the added Rhino.

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